Kevco Community Involvement

At Kevco Builders, we believe in community involvement and have a long-standing reputation for supporting local non-profits. From our earlier work with Habit for Humanity to our current work with LifeStream Behavioral Center (LSBC), Kevco’s involvement speaks to our commitment to those around us. Community involvement is important to us because we want this area to thrive. A strong community creates a strong business environment and makes living and working here better for everyone.

“If you have the ability to make a difference, 

you have an obligation to make a difference.”

- Joe Ziler


Kevco Builders is committed to strengthening our community through philanthropy, while also inspiring others to help make a difference.  We welcome like-minded partners, willing to invest not only financially, but in service towards the growth and stability of our area.


Kevco Builders Supports LifeStream Behavioral Center

At this time, Kevco’s focus is working with LifeStream Behavioral Center, a local non-profit organization dedicated to supporting those with substance abuse, behavioral and mental health conditions. This is a very important and personal commitment for Joe Ziler, the Ziler Family and Kevco.  Their ongoing dedication to raising awareness about mental health conditions is inspired by the memory of Joe’s younger brother, Mike, who committed suicide, leaving behind his extraordinary daughter (Joe’s niece), Kara Jo.

Over the past several years, dozens of Kevco partners, vendors, customers and friends have joined in our effort and have helped raise more than $200,000* for LSBC, with a specific focus on raising awareness and the prevention of suicide.


We invite you to learn more about LifeStream Behavioral Center and consider getting involved.

What drives him and what does he hope others will do to help make a difference for those with mental health and substance abuse issues?  We invite you to watch.



*Figure represents funds raised through 2017



Kevco president, Joe Ziler is known to say, "If you have the opportunity to make a difference, you have an obligation to make a difference." This mindset is what inspired him and Kevco builders to underwrite the wrapping of 2 Lake County Sheriff's Office vehicles and 6 Lake County Schools service vans. The funds for the production and installation of the wraps by Hunter Signs came through Joe's fundraising efforts with LifeStream Behavioral Center. We hope if YOU "see something, you'll say something" as we strive to raise awareness of the community resources available to students in need of mental and emotional support. Our thanks to Red Apples Media for helping put all these pieces together. This has been a textbook example of the potential of multiple private and public stakeholders coming together to create one voice, one mission. 




Truck 1

The 8th wrapped vehicle – a Lake County Sheriff’s Office pick-up — co-branded with the “Speak Out” message, in partnership with Lake County Schools, is now on the road! Keep an eye out for the 6 school district resource vans and 2 Sheriff’s vehicles, wrapped as a community service by Kevco Builders and designed by Red Apples Media.


Car 1


Things continue to come together for the MIKE Endowment. We repurposed one of our company cars with some extremely impactful messaging.Car 2 1Car 3 1